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mrxEE (MUREX Experimental Engineering) is MUREX Robotics's highly experimental research division. Calling upon our foundation of innovative, open-source electrical engineering (hence the origins of EE) designs, we push the absolute limits of modern day robotics. Beyond the MATE ROV Competition, our true goal is to change the world around us with groundbreaking innovation. The industry doesn't move us –– we move it. We achieve what no other team in the world is capable of. And we do it incessantly. * mrx.ee domain currently work-in-progress. unleashing innovation... Email: [email protected] ACHIEVEMENTS
  1. - [Jun. 2024] World's smallest and lowest cost networking switch.
    1. - #1 on HN with +600 upvotes
    2. - Published on Tom's Hardware, r/Hardware, Interesting Engineering, and more.
  2. - [Dec. 2023] World's first open-source Ethernet Switch, MUREX Ethernet Switch
  3. - [Mar. 2024] World's first open-source CM4-based ROV control board, MUREX Carrier Board
  4. - [Mar. 2024] World's first open-source implementation of a USB3.0, MUREX Carrier Board controller
  5. - [Nov. 2023] World's first modular serial single ESC, MUREX ANYESC
  6. - [Dec. 2023] World's smallest open-source dual-output high power module designed for 12V/5V/3.3V DC applications, MUREX Power Board
  7. - [Nov. 2023] World's first open demo of OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) over galvanically isolated DC power lines, mrxPLC
  8. - [Jan. 2024] World's first use of H.264 hardware encoding on the Allwinner H3 SoC using a mainline Linux kernel, unnamed
  9. - [Apr. 2024] Xbox trigger support for Ardupilot + QGroundControl, unnamed
  10. - [Dec. 2023] Custom Linux operating system, mrxOS
  11. - [Mar. 2024] World's first native arm64 macOS of QGroundControl, mrxGCS
  12. - [Dec. 2023] Custom Ardusub autopilot, mrx
  13. - [Jun. 2023] Custom one-to-many, duplex, high-speed, asynchronous communication protocol, MASCP
  14. - [Dec. 2023] Novel, direct-compilation of the Linux Kernel with a virtualized Apple Silicon macOS environment and minimal overhead, unnamed